About SJ

His Story

With over 25 years of experience running his namesake antiques company, Sergio Jaeger’s New York-based online store has a proven reputation of offering high quality and ready-to-use decor for designers and architects alike.

Sergio is known for effortlessly combining a comprehensively crisp, clean and unique collection of lighting and objects, from antique and vintage, or modern and contemporary. His collection features stunning high-end 20th century items, offering an exciting mix of luxurious and decorative pieces that range from classic renamed designers to eclectic unknown creators.

Mimicking that of nature, his own offering process has been in a continual state of evolution over the past decade as it accommodates market needs that result from new discoveries and trends in a fashion-dynamic era.

Sergio’s collection is synonymous with elegance, boasting museum-esque statement pieces, built for a discerning clientele with one-of-a-kind pieces that epitomize modern luxury. His success is largely due to his innate connection with emerging trends and iconic creations in art and design. These influences, in addition to his own life experiences, are a constant source of inspiration behind the careful selection of new pieces for his collection.